Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Boost Business NEPA is a collaborative initiative created by a consortium of leaders in marketing, media, banking, business, government, economic development, education, and healthcare.

Designed to connect NEPA businesses impacted by the global pandemic to an ecosystem of critical support, Boost Business NEPA is fueled by sponsorships and services, experience and expertise, collaboration and compassion, and a fierce determination to fight for the livelihoods of our hard-hit businesses – businesses which have been the backbone of the NEPA economy for generations.

Boost Business NEPA challenges you to answer yes to one of the following two questions:

  • Are you a business-in-need?
  • Are you willing to help a business-in-need?

Businesses-in-need will fill out a form on Once a form is submitted, the Boost Business NEPA team is immediately alerted. All submissions are vetted and approved.

All submissions that come through the “business-in-need” form are added to a public directory on Anyone visiting the website can search the directory by business, location, or area of need and directly contact the businesses to offer help. All submissions are shared with the Boost Business NEPA Leadership Team, which also assists in making connections between the businesses-in-need and those who are willing to help.

The organization is led by Helen Lavelle, Lavelle Strategy Group, and Holly Pilcavage, Coal Creative, but it is truly not made possible without every single Partner and Leadership Team Member. There are over 25 Partners that stepped up to support the initiative and over 20 active community members and leaders that serve on the Leadership Team. These numbers are growing each day!

Boost Business NEPA mainly focuses on Luzerne County and Lackawanna County (the metro area) and adjacent counties that fall within the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Designated Market Area.

All eligible for-profit and non-profit businesses must meet BoostBusinessNEPA requirements in order to receive funding.

Awards of critical support services and/ or ​financial assistance is based solely on available funds raised through Boost Business NEPA.

The Giving Committee evaluates the businesses based on the quality and integrity of their applications, their need for funding or critical support, the likely success of the businesses, and their relevance to community needs.

The Giving Committee assists in the oversight, review, and distribution of funding. The committee is chaired by Sr. Elizabeth McGill, IHM, Ph.D.

In addition to the directory, the website offers match programs, incentive programs, educational webinars, news updates, videos, market statistics, and success stories.

Through the generous financial support from local financial institutions, including Fidelity Bank, PS Bank, FNCB, and Honesdale National Bank.

Partners & Leadership Team

The Boost Business Partners are local businesses and community organizations that have stepped up to offer their services, expertise, connections, media time and space, and/or financial support. They are leaders in business, banking, marketing, media, economic development, government, education, healthcare, and the faith community who collaborate to make Boost Business NEPA possible. There are currently over 25 Partners.

The Leadership Team is a group of over 20 community stakeholders who keep Boost Business NEPA running on a daily basis. Team Members reach out to businesses-in-need, create connections between businesses and those willing to help, and use their talents to spread the word about the initiative. The Leadership Team consists of six committees: Communications, Business Engagement, Community Engagement, Financial Management, Giving, and Incentives and Matches.

Boost Business NEPA is growing every day, and we believe that every citizen, family, business, association, and foundation has a need to serve. Boost Business NEPA welcomes all to contribute personally and/or professionally in any way they feel they can. If you’re interested in becoming a Partner or Leadership Team Member, email us at


Businesses fill out the “business-in-need” form on The form asks for basic contact information and the category that best describes their business. Data is tracked and analyzed which allows the Leadership Team the opportunity to meet the needs of our members.

To apply for financial assistance, a business must:

  • Be a for-profit enterprise or non-profit organization in Northeast Pennsylvania.
  • Have been operating for at least one year.
  • Have between 1 and 20 employees.
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19.
  • Want to keep their workforce going strong.
  • Have the desire to connect with more customers.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our community.

The business must also provide EIN numbers or proof of non-profit status. Businesses will also be asked to write a short profile and submit an optional video pitch.

Yes. If you are self-employed, Boost Business NEPA considers you as a business with one employee. Documentation is required.

Yes, both nonprofit organizations and for-profit enterprises can apply.

The initiative brings pro bono services from local experts and peer support to small businesses in need. Where appropriate, Boost Business NEPA can help provide financial aid.

Anyone visiting the website can view the live directory and directly contact the business-in-need. The Boost Business NEPA team will also reach out and help make connections between businesses and those who can help.

At this time, BoostBusinessNEPA is only open to small businesses and nonprofits.

People, Businesses, and Groups Willing to Help

Anyone! If you’re willing to volunteer your skills, services, or resources, Boost Business NEPA will get you connected to a local business-in-need.

First, go to the website.

There are three main ways to help businesses-in-need:

  • Donate financially to Boost Business NEPA
  • Connect directly to Boost Business NEPA members by visiting our directory
  • Offer your services

Search for a match and contact the business directly through the live directory. You can also fill out the “willing to help” form, and the Boost Business NEPA team will connect you to a match.

No. However, donors may make a specific request for consideration in the donation submission form. (In adherence to The Luzerne Foundation grant requirements.)

Contributions to The Boost Fund at TLF are fully deductible to the maximum allowed by law.

We invite you to contact us directly via email at or fill out the contact form on our website.